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Welcome to De Moulham Lodge

We are one of the forty nine lodges which make up the Province of Dorset. We meet in Swanage, just one of the seventeen meeting venues across the county.

Swanage Masonic Hall
BH19 2AF

We warmly welcome anyone interested in finding out more about Freemasonry and visiting Brethren from other lodges.
The Isle of Purbeck is an area of outstanding beauty and we often have Brethren attending our meetings whilst on holiday or visiting their second homes or caravans.
Feel free to join us.

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Lodge Meeting 15th October 2018 

An excellent meeting last night Bro.Ollie completed his Raising Ceremony the climax of which was receiving the Walking Charge, a lovely piece of Ritual that was enjoyed by all.

A most enjoyable Festive Board afterwards, sent everyone home in good spirits.

We are unable to read the minutes of 100 years ago as the 1918 Minute Book appears to be missing. more...

Central Heating 

The new Central Heating System is now installed in the Lodge Room.

No more cold Meetings, it's going to be warm and cosy tonight and throughout the Winter.

Other improvements still ongoing, it just gets better and better. Congratulations to the refurbishment organising team,for a job well done.

Don't forget to book in for the Christmas Sunday Lunch on November 25th 2018, Derek the ADC is taking bookings. This popular event soon gets booked up. more...

Lodge Meeting 15th October 2018 

The October Meeting will be a completion of Ollie's Master Mason's Degree, with the 3rd Degree Working Tools presented for the first time, by one of our younger members.

After which Ollie will receive, and all the Brethren are sure to enjoy a presentation of the Walking Charge by one of our Senior Members.

Followed by full closings in all three Degrees. more...

Lodge Meeting 17th September 2018 

The Members and Visitors were amazed at the amount of work that had been carried out during the Summer break. Decorated throughout, new Gents and Ladies/Disabled Toilets, new carpet etc. etc.. Our grateful thanks to Derek Evans and his team for overseeing the work.

The new facilities were enjoyed by all, and so was the excellent meal presented by our new Caterers after our 3rd Degree Ceremony upstairs. Congratulations Ollie on becoming a MM. more...

DC and WMs Meeting 

The WM and DC are attending the WM and DCs Meeting tonight at Portland Masonic Hall. sure to be an interesting and enjoyable warm evening, but no Football more...

WMs Charity 2018-2019 

Our new WMs chosen charity this year is the NCI : National Coastwatch Institute, local branch at Peveril Point, Swanage.

This voluntary organisation helps keep all those that go on, in, or near the sea safe.

The Raffle at the Installation Meeting raised £270.00 for this worthwhile charity, an excellent start. more...

Installation June 18th 2018 

Our IM Martin performed an excellent Ceremony installing our new WM John into the Chair of King Solomon, last night

It was a most enjoyable evening with lots of lovely visitors and guests from far and wide.

We witnessed a few differences to the norm, which made it all the more interesting and could become a tradition in the Lodge.

At the Festive Board WM John was overcome with emotion, when all the Brethren raised a glass to him after the Master's Song. more...

Lodge Meeting 21st May 2018 

The WM and his team performed a superb Ceremony and raised Bro. Graham to the Sublime Degree of a MM.

WBro John M was declared ME for the forthcoming year and WBro John P was elected Treasurer for the new year.

The WM gave Notice of Motion that at the next regular Meeting he will propose that a sum of money be released by the Trustees to enable the refurbishment of the Masonic Hall to be completed over the Summer break. more...



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