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Welcome to the Lodge of Honour and Friendship

There has been a Lodge of Honour and Friendship in Blandford for most of the last 200 years. We have a rich history that we are proud to keep alive and are eager to share. We are diligent in our work, boisterous in our play and generous in our charity. We love to sing and we like to eat. If you are a Brother; come and visit us; if you are not; come and join us.

Blandford Masonic Hall
West Street
Blandford Forum
DT11 7AW

We warmly welcome anyone interested in finding out more about Freemasonry

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A family occasion in Blandford 

The Lodge of Honour and Friendship in Blandford welcomed it's newer member last night, and while every new member is valued by us, this was extra special. Luke Jones is now a 3rd generation freemason, his father Richard is usually the lodge director of ceremonies, took a demotion for the night and guided his son around during the ceremony. The master of the lodge has known Luke for many years and was delighted to be able to conduct the ceremony. more...



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