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Welcome to the Broadstone Lodge

We are one of the forty nine lodges which make up the Province of Dorset. We meet in Poole, just one of the seventeen meeting venues across the county.

Poole Masonic Hall
BH15 1NQ

We warmly welcome anyone interested in finding out more about Freemasonry and visiting Brethren from other lodges. If you are on holiday in the area and wish to meet members, or look at our superb building, please contact us we are more than happy to meet you.

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Armistice Day with The Broadstone Lodge 

The Armistice day fancy dress themed lunch on 11th at the Market close building raised £100 for the Poole Branch of the RBL.

Brethren friends and ladies and children all remembered the 100 years since the end of the first world war and all wars.

At the same time dressing for the occasion and eating the the same food as would have been served at the end of the war. Maconochie's stew proved to be a staple part of a British soldier's diet during World War One. more...

Broadstone Lodge in the Community with our Worshipful Master Alan Barlow 

Worshipful Master Alan Barlow has decided that during his year in office he will support lots of local good causes, masonic and non masonic. So expect the unexpected. Here Alan is seen presenting a £250 cheque to Dan Bishop towards his 3 week visit to North America for the World Scouts Jamboree.

It was important to act quickly and support Dan and later in the year a small but more formal handover will take place at Market close where Dans dad and his scout leader will be guests. more...

Alan Barlow Installed as the new Master of The Broadstone Lodge 

Bro Alan Barlow was duly installed in the chair of The Broadstone Lodge, but WBro. Andy Kirby on Wednesday 12 September.

The ceremony in the lodge was well carried out by our outgoing master WBro Andy Kirby ably assisted by his officers. more...



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