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The Royal Arch is the culmination of 'pure ancient masonry'. The Craft gives its members eminently practical rules by which they can live their lives in the service of both God, however they worship Him, and the community as a whole.

Man,however, is not simply a practical being but has an essential spritual aspect to his nature. This is taken up in the Royal Arch, in which the candidate, without trespassing on the bounds of religion, is led to contemplate the nature of God and his personal relationship with Him.

Thus the Royal Arch leads the candidate from the practical to the spiritual and completes 'pure ancient masonry', a fascinating journey of self- knowledge and self - discovery beginning with the Entered Apprentice degree and culminating in the First Principal's chair of the Chapter.


Chapter Ensign and Banner lecture 

At the February Convocation held on Tuesday the 3rd at Portland those present witnessed an Ensign and Banner lecture conducted by the MEZ EComp Richard Swan and the Director of Ceremonies EComp John Halford, and supported by EComp Roger Hart (Haggai), EComp Bob Turner (Joshua) and many Companions of the Loyal Manor Chapter. An explanation of each of the four principle Banners was given and then each of the three Ensigns which were ranged under each Banner was also explained in turn. more...

Dorset's newest Chapter is Consecrated! 

Consecration of Dorset Masonic Bikers Chapter No 1367

On Saturday 15th February in over 70 brethren gathered in Portland to witness the consecration of Dorset's newest Holy Royal Arch Chapter by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Graham Glazier and his team.

The Dorset Masonic Bikers Chapter No 1367 is the first Holy Royal Arch Chapter dedicated to biking enthusiasts within the Province of Dorset. more...

Annual Quadripartite Convocation - Dorset, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, Somerset And Wiltshire 

The Chapter of St. Martin, played host to this year's Annual Quadripartite Convocation. This annual event takes place across the Royal Arch Provinces of Dorset, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, Somerset and Wiltshire. It was Dorset's turn to host the event, and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Dorset, Graham Glazier, decided on something different to previous Convocations. more...

Philippe Exalted into St Cuthberga Chapter 

Wimborne Exaltation

On Thursday 16th January 2020. Philippe Bouchex completed his journey in Pure and Ancient Freemasonry by being Exalted into St Cuthberga Chapter No. 622.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by those Companions present.

Accompanied by Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter, the Provincial Third Grand Principal, Clive Deakin, was also in attendance to witness Comp. Philippe take his Fourth Step. more...

Amphibious support The Samaritans 

Michael Raine, Treasurer of the Amphibious Lodge, was welcomed into the Royal Arch in the Amphibious Chapter, at their January convocation, during which Michael McHugh, First Principal, conducted an impressive exaltation ceremony with members of the Chapter presenting Lectures in catechism form (questions and answers). more...

Deja-vu at Vespasian. 

Clive Barnett may be forgiven for experiencing a feeling of deja-vu when he was Installed as First Principal of Vespasian Chapter, for the third time. It was in the millennium year that Clive was first appointed First Principal and again in 2010. With David Armstrong also having been previously Installed as Third Principal, Graham Frampton was the only 'newcomer' Principal when he was Installed into the office of Second Principal. more...

Cliff welcomed into the Royal Arch! 

Cliff Shute, a member of Brownsea Island Lodge has been welcomed into the Royal Arch during an enjoyable convocation in the Chapter of St. Martin, no.7986.

Bob Pennington, First Principal, conducted a memorable exaltation ceremony, attended by Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter, before retiring to a happy Festive Board. more...


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