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A welcome serendipity moment to lighten the dark 

The Lodge of St Cuthberga 622 has recently gained custody of a Distinguished Past Master's (DPM's) Jewel presented to WBro Henry Purchase in 1970.

The jewel was offered to the Lodge by a family member. The jewel has an inscription on its reverse, 'Presented to Henry Vernon Purchase PPGW in appreciation of his outstanding service to the Lodge'.

The Lodge of St Cuthberga now has possession of ten DPM's Jewels. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

622 Book Launch 

The early history of the Lodge of St Cuthberga from 1853 - 1977.

The updated version of an impressive piece of history. The trials and tribulations of a new lodge 170 years ago. A comprehensive study into the history of the building, its traditions and many of the various and elusive objects and furniture which adorn our building.

Book price £12 P&P UK £3.50. Order details on the attached poster. more...

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Appeal for your old IT 

UPDATE 06/02/21 - Brother Wayne Ingram of @United3473 wishes to THANK everyone who donated a laptop, iPad or tablet. You managed to help 29 children who required them.

Freemason Wayne Ingram of United Service Lodge at Portland has worked on the front line as an Offshore Paramedic throughout the pandemic. As a veteran of HM Forces Wayne is also actively involved in supporting the Weymouth and Portland Veterans' Hub. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Lodge of Benevolence delighted to have helped local causes 

The Brethren of the Lodge of Benevolence are delighted to have helped local causes with the following donations recently.

£1000 to Sherborne Rendezvous. This money being largely used to buy computer equipment, to will help with their programme of home tuition of their dependents.

£500 to Sherborne Community Kitchen. Started in response to COVID-19, the charity deliver fresh meals to help vulnerable and shielding individuals each day.

£100 to Sherborne Town Band. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Masonic Carvings 

The Lodge of St Cuthberga No.622 is the sixth oldest Lodge in the Province of Dorset and its members have been meeting in Wimborne since 1853. Richard Micklefield, one of its Past Masters, has a connection with the Church of Ascension, which is located in the quaint village of Woodlands, near Wimborne. Richard has discovered a masonic treasure that has been long forgotten and we have his permission to share that with you. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Nominate 20 Results 

On behalf of all the 50 plus charities nominated by Dorset Freemasons in 2020, the Province of Dorset and the Masonic Charitable Foundation thank all those who took part in Nominate 20 for their support - The three top nominated charities for 2020 are: more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Nominate 20 Results 

On behalf of all the 50 plus charities nominated by Dorset Freemasons in 2020, the Province of Dorset and the Masonic Charitable Foundation thank all those who took part in Nominate 20 for their support - The three top nominated charities for 2020 are: more...

(Published by Festival 25)


As far as we know all Brethren are staying safe and keeping well.

Nothing much is going to happen until after the Spring in theese trying times.

Please dont forget your Ritual Books, we could have two Initiation Ceremonies before our Installation Meeting in June 2021.

Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year. more...

(Published by De Moulham Lodge)

£150,000 from MCF for Dorset Freemasons 

Freemasonry in England and Wales is divided into 48 areas, consisting of 47 Provinces and London. The Masonic Charitable Foundation are proud to support Freemasons, their families, and local and national charities in every single one of these communities.


(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Homeless To Receive More Than £850,000 In Donations From Freemasons To Help Protect Them This Winter 

Having donated £1m between April and July to help those impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, Freemasons are now focusing on protecting the homeless, with a new series of donations across England and Wales.

The homeless crisis has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many people losing their jobs and finding themselves either living on the streets or in unsuitable living conditions. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Father Christmas is a Freemason!! 

Here we see Santa feeding Rudolph the reindeer a little snack; we are reliably informed that WBro St Nicolas is an active member of Amphibious Lodge and (as befits the wearer of the red suit) takes care of all things charitable.

Santa is seeing children is part of the Upton Together initiative that aims to make the community a better and happier place to live at this time of year. The booking slots are on Zoom and every slot lasts 5 minutes. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Do you want to join Freemasonry? 

Have you thought about joining Freemasonry or know someone who is interested and would like to know more?

Amphibious is always looking for new and enthusiastic members to join our ranks, particularly those who have a military background. If you would like to know more then look no further!

Under the information bar on the left of this page you will find a page entitled 'Joining Amphibious Lodge' which gives a wealth of information of what Amphibious is all about. more...

(Published by Amphibious Lodge)

Christmas Cheer 

Our WM, Wbro John Bailey would like to thank everyone that has so kindly donated to the Hamper appeal. A very special thank you to Wbro Graham Dix and his wife Ruth who made all of the Christmas shopping bags and packed them ready for dispatch to our widows. This year it was felt a special little extra personal touch was needed on top of their usual Christmas cards and gift to spread some Christmas cheer. more...

(Published by Northbourne Lodge)

Its Nearly over 

Info Guys more...

(Published by Northbourne Lodge)

Brothers with sore Arms, Chest, backs and more !  

3000 Push Up challenge in 30 days !

Five Dorset masons and one from Hampshire have decided to undertake a 3000 push challenge this November called The Men of Steel Fundraiser Challenge which was set up in support of Teenage Cancer Charities.

They wanted to do something to help others and get in shape at the same time. 

One of the team, Rob Halthide said, 'Helping others is in our DNA and Covid 19 was not going to get in the way of that'. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Lest we forget 

Ted Bishop with Richard Wood on behalf of all the members of London Haven Lodge laid a wreath to honour all those who fell.

In Flanders Fields - By John McCrae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Freemasons' Hall Lit Up For Remembrance Day 2020 In Honour of 3,000 Members Who Died During WW1 

To mark three major anniversaries for Remembrance Day the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has lit up Freemasons' Hall in London with the names of Freemasons who died in WW1 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE and VJ Day, and the Centenary of the unveiling of the Cenotaph, London.

The projection on Freemasons' Hall will be on display until 9pm on the evening of Armistice Day and has already been shared widely on social media. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Worshipful Brother Michael Wilson 

It is with great sadness that we have to report that our Worshipful Master, W Bro Mike Wilson has passed away whilst on a diving holiday in the Orkney Islands.

His infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour was an inspiration to us all. Mike's support for Freemasonry and particularly The Ashley Lodge will be greatly missed.
He was a true friend and a brother to all those he came into contact with.
R.I.P. Mike more...

(Published by Ashley Lodge)

Local ' Half Term Kids Lunch Club' initiative supported. 

The Kings Court Masonic Charities Association was please to be able to support the local community who set up a group to help give a free lunch over the half term holiday if they needed it.

A donation of £150 in the form of a Waitrose e-gift card was organised as Waitrose in Gillingham are also supporting the scheme.

Well done and good luck to all involved! more...

(Published by King's Court Lodge)

Local Countrymen Club receives a £500 donation. 

The Kings Court Masonic Charities Association was please to make a donation to the local branch of The Countrymen Club which has a centre nr Sherborne.
The Club provides countryside environments help to meet the challenges being faced by men who find themselves isolated because of deteriorating physical or mental health or changing social circumstances. Conditions may include: more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Suspension of Lodge Business for three months 

Following much internal discussion amongst our members our Worshipful Master in line with the wishes of more than two thirds of the Lodge membership has suspended our regular meetings for three months until the end of December 2020. This is in accordance with the directive issued by the MW The Grand Master. Whilst we are not meeting physically the Lodge continues to function at a reduced level over video conferencing and social media. more...

(Published by Ashley Lodge)

On your Mark..... 

The story starts in 2018 when the Yeovil Freewheelers Emergency Volunteer Service, the oldest operational blood bike group in the country, who were providing a free emergency courier service between hospitals, laboratories and patients across South Somerset and part of Dorset recognised that there was a gap in their coverage of Dorset, and a blood bike operating out of the Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester would fill this need. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Dorset Lodges begin to return. 

This week saw the return of three Dorset Lodges to newly Covid secure meeting places with Lewellin meeting this Monday! Dunckerley, Blackmore Vale and Ashley Lodge were first out of the block!

Sportsmens, Brownsea Island, Canford, Honour and Friendship and Northbourne as well as many more making plans to meet in their own buildings or as guests in Poole if their building isn't ready yet!

And we keep on keeping on!! We found this picture particularly striking! more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

New to Bournemouth University or Arts University Bournemouth? 

Are you new to Bournemouth University or Arts University Bournemouth? Though your Freshers Fair isn't happening this month - you can enjoy our virtual Freshers Fair!

Tradition and continuity are two of the values which characterise the relationship between Freemasonry and universities.

It was nearly 200 years ago that the first university Lodge, Apollo University Lodge, was founded at Oxford, with Isaac Newton University Lodge following soon afterwards at Cambridge. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Helping the NHS in Dorset 

As part of the support given to local charities and causes by Dorset Freemasonry, working in partnership with the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Brother Rick Clarkson, an active member of the Dorset Masonic COVID committee, presented St Mary's Maternity Hospital in Poole with three pairs of 'Zaky Hug' positioning aids. more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)

Face-masks for Festival '25 

Masonic Face Mask and shopping Trolly Token in aid of Festival 25,

Bridport based Freemason, Duncan McGhee has started fundraising for The Province of Dorset's Festival 25 appeal in support of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Duncan, a joining member at St. Mary's Lodge No 707, has designed square and compass face masks that craft members may purchase, ideal for the return to Masonic meetings or even a visit to the shops! more...

(Published by Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset)


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