Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset

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Who's Who in Dorset Freemasonry

The key Provincial Officers in the Masonic Province of Dorset are listed here; to contact the Province, please email

Provincial Grand Master - RWBro Graham Glazier


Deputy Provincial Grand Master - WBro Chris Lill


Assistant Provincial Grand Master - WBro Chris Bond


2019-20 Officers

Provincial Senior Grand Warden
WBro R.E. Francis

Provincial Junior Grand Warden
WBro E.W.J. Aston

Provincial Grand Chaplain WBro
The Rev A.F. Pearce

Provincial Grand Treasurer
WBro B. Wright

Provincial Grand Registrar
WBro M.R. Parkes

Provincial Grand Secretary
WBro Kim Orton

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
WBro Simon Delahunty

Provincial Grand Sword Bearer
WBro Mike Haines

Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works
WBro Colin Wills

Provincial Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies
WBro Bob Pennington and WBro Jon Barrett

Provincial Grand Almoner
WBro Chris Munden

Provincial Grand Charity Steward
WBro Peter Boyd

Provincial Grand Mentor
WBro Vic Pomeroy

Provincial Grand Orator
WBro Brian Tritton

Provincial Senior Grand Deacons
WBro Trevor Barrett, WBro Steve James and WBro Greg Morum

Provincial Junior Grand Deacons
WBro Phil Coxall, WBro Paul Lockyer and WBro James Plowman

Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary
WBro Chris Blows

Provincial Asst Grand Directors of Ceremonies
WBro Richie Jones, WBro Mark Gibson and WBro Dave Packer

Provincial Grand Organist
Bro Jeff Williams

Provincial Grand Standard Bearers
WBro Mike Ball and WBro Mark Baker

Provincial Grand Pursuivant
Bro Paul Humphries

Provincial Grand Stewards
WBro Andy Gale, WBro Martin Stevens, WBro Chris Wilson, WBro Andy Larkin, WBro Graham Lomax and WBro Adam Perkins

Provincial Grand Tyler
WBro Eddie Kusminoff

Provincial Communication Officer
WBro Mark Burstow

Provincial Membership Officer
WBro Vic Pomeroy

Provincial Learning & Development Officer
WBro Brian Tritton


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