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Sherborne Masons Queen's Jubilee Tree finally gets it Plaque

Back on the 21st Feb 2013 a 3 year old Prunus 'Tai Haku', or Great White Cherry, was planted in the Pageant Gardens by our Provincial Grand Master and the Mayor of Sherborne - Dominic Elliot, ably assisted by our Worshipful Brother Dennis Bailie. It was planted to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Trees normally would be planted in the winter but the 2012/13 winter weather up until late January being very wet and cold, this was not suitable, hence our Jubilee tree was planted in Feb 13 with the intention of placing a plaque alongside the tree when it had matured sufficiently to be beyond being vandalised, as unfortunately this is what happened to most of the other young Jubilee trees planted by the Town Clerk's Jubilee Committee.

By this year the tree had put on sufficient girth and hence the plaque marking the planting by the Provincial Grand Master of Dorset was installed by WBro Dennis and Dominic, as can be seen by the pictures.

Hopefully our Great White will continue to put a show on for all Sherborne residents for many years to come.


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