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Sep. 2020

Helping the NHS in Dorset

As part of the support given to local charities and causes by Dorset Freemasonry, working in partnership with the Masonic Charitable Foundation, Brother Rick Clarkson, an active member of the Dorset Masonic COVID committee, presented St Mary's Maternity Hospital in Poole with three pairs of 'Zaky Hug' positioning aids.

The position aids are used to cradle vulnerable new-born babies whilst they enjoy their first days in this world, reducing the need for unnecessary physical contact in these difficult times. Increased use and constant washing was rapidly wearing out the hospital's own aids. The Dorset Masonic COVID Committee stepped in with funds from the Masonic Charitable Foundation and purchased three replacement pairs directly from the UK supplier. Helping to ensure the wellbeing of the those most vulnerable amongst us.

This is just one example of how, throughout the current COVID-19 crisis, the Dorset Masonic COVID Committee has been active distributing funds supplied by the Masonic Charitable Foundation derived directly from contributions of individual Freemasons and their Lodges under the Festival scheme across England and Wales.


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