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Nov. 2020

Brothers with sore Arms, Chest, backs and more ! 

3000 Push Up challenge in 30 days !

Five Dorset masons and one from Hampshire have decided to undertake a 3000 push challenge this November called The Men of Steel Fundraiser Challenge which was set up in support of Teenage Cancer Charities.

They wanted to do something to help others and get in shape at the same time. 

One of the team, Rob Halthide said, 'Helping others is in our DNA and Covid 19 was not going to get in the way of that'. 

Brothers Rob Halfhide, Greg Winter, Frankie McCoid, Gez Edwards, Phil Coxall, and Keith Norman are all working towards the 3000 press up milestone which equates to 100 a day. 

They are over the hallway point and agreed that the first 1000 was hard and did hurt!!!

They have chosen to raise this money for the Youth Cancer Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust. Please support them by sponsoring Rob or Greg and help to make the difference to the lives of children that have been unfortunately touched by this awful disease.

Click here to Sponsor Greg!


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