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For Province P0060 - Province of Dorset.


Dec. 2020

£150,000 from MCF for Dorset Freemasons

Freemasonry in England and Wales is divided into 48 areas, consisting of 47 Provinces and London. The Masonic Charitable Foundation are proud to support Freemasons, their families, and local and national charities in every single one of these communities.

Discover the grants MCF have awarded to individuals, families and charities in our area.

Here in Dorset the MCF have given almost £150,000 of support this year as well as providing their free counselling service; a vital service this year of all years.

As well as funding our charitable activities, Freemasons play an active role in delivering the MCF services at a local level – from volunteering to help families complete their application forms, to assisting in identifying local charities which they are passionate about, and working with strategic partners – such as Age UK – on the delivery of their services.

Results from the MCF third annual beneficiary survey


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