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Feb. 2021

A welcome serendipity moment to lighten the dark

The Lodge of St Cuthberga 622 has recently gained custody of a Distinguished Past Master's (DPM's) Jewel presented to WBro Henry Purchase in 1970.

The jewel was offered to the Lodge by a family member. The jewel has an inscription on its reverse, 'Presented to Henry Vernon Purchase PPGW in appreciation of his outstanding service to the Lodge'.

The Lodge of St Cuthberga now has possession of ten DPM's Jewels.

By strange coincidence, and only a matter of a few days before, Brother Danny Cowden successfully won an online bid to purchase the '1937 Minutes of the Lodge of Instruction of St Cuthberga' which actually mentions Bro Henry Purchase, noting him as Inner Guard. How's that for a welcome 'serendipity moment' to lighten the dark!

History of 622 DPM's Jewels - The present tradition of awarding a Past Masters Jewel to the WM after he has completed his year in office is a relatively new tradition adopted by the Lodge of St Cuthberga. Until this change was made a jewel was only awarded to Past Masters many years after they had vacated the Chair and after they had continued to give outstanding service to the lodge. In the first 100 years of the Lodge of St Cuthberga only twelve jewels were awarded and 4 of them, including Lord Shaftesbury, who was also the Provincial Grand Master, each had to wait over 50 years for their jewel. It was considered in those days a truly great honour. The original jewels were of gold but later editions were of gilt. It was hoped that the jewels would be returned to the lodge after the recipient had passed to the Grand Lodge Above.


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