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Mar. 2021

First to complete the #MARCH2021 challenge

The Lodge of St Cuthberga 622 are first to complete the #MARCH2021 216 miles virtual walk to United Grand Lodge and back. Followed closely by Blackmore Vale Lodge No.3625 at 199 miles and The Ashley Lodge No.6525 at 173.1 miles.

Massive congratulations to Team 622 who have managed to complete the virtual challenge walk in just three days! A truly inspirational effort.

Collectively the 17 participating lodges have walked an astounding 1455.8 miles within the first three days, but they are not stopping there.

The mastermind and coordinator of #March2021, Bro James Whatley of Llewellin Lodge No.7907, said: 'A huge well done to The Lodge of St. Cuthberga. Let's now all work together and get that mileage as HIGH as possible. We are now going to make sure each lodge makes it back home by completing 216 miles. That's a shared total of 3672 miles. Working collectively, we will see just how high we can get the mileage total and raise funds for Festival25 to which we have a stretch target of £5000. Your generosity has been immense. This really sends a special message of Health and Fitness and Wellbeing goals that can be achieved when we work together. Thank you all and happy exercising.'

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