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Oct. 2021

The Boy Down the Lane

On Monday 18 October WBro Chris Bond, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM) of Dorset, presented Bro Bert Beavis of the Lodge of St Cuthberga No.622 with his 60 year certificate for exemplary service to Freemasonry.

Bert has had to wait an extra year to be presented with his certificate due to the Covid pandemic.

In the early 1970s the police careers of both Bert and the APGM had overlapped, but they hadn't actually ever worked together.

Bert's reminiscences of former police colleagues and what were once known as 'goings-on' in Dorset were greatly appreciated by the APGM who said of the occasion, 'I was so delighted to meet and chat with Bert whose autobiography I read some time ago. His stories brought back many memories of a time when policing seemed to be easier, and it was my great pleasure, and indeed honour, to make this presentation shortly before my tenure as APGM comes to an end to a man whose life of service to the Crown and the people of Dorset is nothing less than exemplary.'

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