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472 and Provincial Grand Master's Discretionary Fund help young girl

Shaftesbury's Lodge, Lodge of Friendship and Sincerity No. 472, with the assistance of The Provincial Grand Masters Discretionary Fund were able to present a cheque for £1000.00 to the family of Ruby Mae recently.

Ruby Mae McBride is a 6 year old local girl suffering from an extreme form of diabetes. For the last 3 years she has had to have between 7 and 10 injections a day on top of 10 to 15 blood sugar tests a day.

It has now become more and more difficult to find places to insert a cannula and tubing into her stomach. A new continuous glucose monitor (CGM) has come onto the market which could take blood sugar readings every 15 – 20 seconds through a small chip, and feeds back the information to her parents phone, setting off an alarm when levels go below minimum or above maximum. The CGM costs around £10,000.

The presentation of the cheque by the Lodge's Worship Master, Paul Kavanagh, was made during a charity football match to raise funds for Ruby between Shaftesbury FC and a team of ex-Bournemouth professionals. The game was followed by a dinner with World Cup hat-trick hero Sir Geoff Hurst as guest speaker.
Over £22000, was made on the day


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