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Aug. 2017

Air Ambulance Donation £15,000 9th August

Celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry, the Province of Dorset has been raising funds for the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

Through the generous support of our Dorset & Related Lodges, Dorset Provincial Chapter, other Dorset Orders, and fund raising events a total of £39,000 has already been raised. This simply amazing achievement enabled an initial gift of £15,000 to be presented to Bill Sivewright (Chief Executive of Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance) at the Henstridge Air Base on Wednesday 9th August.

In recognition of the contribution made by Freemasons across Dorset, invitations were issued to all Dorset Lodge Charity Stewards to attend the presentation. The Provincial Grand Master for Dorset (RWBro Richard Merritt) was delighted to welcome representatives of 32 of our Lodges on the day.

Bill Sivewright welcomed us all to the Air Base and gave a short talk on the history and work of the Service. A cheque for £15,000 was then presented by the Provincial Grand Master for Dorset.

Emphasizing the great value of support by organisations such as Freemasonry, Bill extended his grateful thanks to all in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset who have supported the Tercentenary Appeal.

Medical Lead Dr Phil Hyde and Lead Paramedic Paul Owen then gave a detailed demonstration of new items of life saving equipment which our initial donation will fund. Questions about the Air Ambulance Service, the treatment available and the new helicopter itself were expertly answered. Those braving the rain and wind were also able to see the new helicopter close up.

Many traveled to and from Henstridge by coach enabling much discussion about our fund raising activities. On the return journey the Provincial Grand Master announced his delight that the original target of £15,000 was so easily exceeded, and confirmed that all further money raised will be presented later in the year.


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