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Apr. 2016

Lodge of Meridian donate to the Youth Cancer Trust!

Rodney Hayes, on behalf of the Lodge of Meridian, was recently delighted to present a cheque for £500, raised at the Lodge Ladies Night, to Brenda Clark, founder of Youth Cancer Trust.

The Youth Cancer Trust is a national charity, based locally, which provides support and free activity holidays for young people diagnosed and living with cancer or any malignant disease from anywhere in UK or Irish Republic. Holidays are also available for young people who have been in remission for up to five years or who are living with the late effects of having had cancer as a teenager or young adult.

Youth Cancer Trust has been in existence or 15 years and serves approximately 250 young people every year. Put simply, they provide a safe place where young cancer patients can be together to enjoy a fun time away from hospital, doing what young people normally do without a cancer diagnosis. The holidays take place all year round and run each week from the Monday through to the Friday. They take groups of eight each week, the young people are of a similar age and spend time together taking part in healthy activities.

The charity works in partnership with other health/cancer organisations and professionals such as the NHS, CLIC Sargent, Macmillan and the Teenage Cancer Trust,as well as with social workers and hospital Oncology departments.

The Youth Cancer Trust is well established and provides a positive experience, helping the young people improve their self confidence and thus deal more positively with their illness.

To find out more please visit