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For Province P0060 - Province of Dorset.

A very happy 100th Birthday party at Zetland Court.

The Dorset Freemasonry family encompasses all ages; from our newest Entered Apprentice, through our most experienced Past Master to the beloved Widows our sadly departed members leave behind.

We had a great example of this at Zetland Court this week as we celebrated Olive Loake's 100th birthday. Olive was born in Coalville, Leicester. After moving to Dorset she was a manager at the Co-Op in Moordown for many years. Her late husband Joe, was a Past Master of Northbourne Lodge. They visited London and went to the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, Freemasons' Hall, many times. Olive will often recount her visits to Grand Lodge, with great pride!

The Friends of Zetland Court tell us it seems that almost every hour, Olive can be heard asking ' is there a cup of tea going?'. Olive is affectionately known as Mrs. Teapot! Olive is held in great affection by all at Zetland Court and all the brethren who know her.

For this special occasion, hats were collected and donated to enable everyone to dress up and tea was served in china cups & saucers. They hung bunting and balloons in the main lounge and invited all the residents to help Olive celebrate this milestone!

Our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Nigel Leonard, was on hand to offer our congratulations and best wishes.

Happy Birthday Olive!


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