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Shillingstone Oak Trees - five years on

On the last day of 2012 a band of intrepid Freemasons from the Lodge of Honour and Friendship 1266, led by the then Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Nigel Leonard, scaled an almost vertical slope in freezing cold, driving rain and a howling gale to plant three Oak Trees on a hillside in Shillingstone.

The purpose was to commemorate the last day of our Queen's Jubilee by putting in three trees to represent the Provincial Grand Master, The Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Dorset.

Today I went back to see how they have fared and I am glad to report that they have all survived. However I must also report that the tree planted personally by VWBro Nigel Leonard, is doing the best of all!

How prominent will these trees be?

Here is a picture of the view away from the trees to give some idea of just how visible they will be as they grow to maturity.

It was a horrendous day, we all ended up soaking wet, freezing cold and plastered in mud . But to go back and see the trees growing so well five years later rather makes it all worthwhile.

Author: Mark Hinsley


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