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Oct. 2017

Bournemouth University Freshers Fair

The Worshipful Master of London Haven Lodge, Graham Lomax, led a team to represent Freemasonry at this year's Bournemouth University Freshers Fair, one of the biggest University campus events of the year and voted the UK No.1 University Freshers' Fair in 2016 -

The Freshers' Fair is a huge exhibition that is free to 18k BU Students, and displays a tapestry of local and national businesses, live entertainment, sports demonstrations, music, food and drink.

This year's inaugural display of the Craft at the Freshers' Fair proved a great success, with the Dorset team dealing with questions that were sensible and enquiring. A number of Freshers expressed surprise at the extent to which Freemasonry is a charitable organisation, and visual displays of children, the Dorset-Somerset Air Ambulance and other Masonic events helped to illustrate this.

Throughout preparations, the display team, which comprised Graham Lomax, Bradley Clark, Tristan Hufano and Colin Orchard, received specialist advice, guidance and support from the Provincial Communications Officer, and appreciated his expertise.

London Haven Lodge is a valuable part of the University Scheme in the Province of Dorset and meets on the third Saturday of the month at Kinson Masonic Hall, just a couple of miles from the University - further details from


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