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Mar. 2016

Dorset Masons delight schoolboy Elijah with a gift bike

A local Masonic lodge has helped put a smile on the face of Dorset schoolboy, Elijah Sappleton by donating funds to buy him a brand new mountain bike.

Elijah, 13, lives in Dorchester and attends Westfield College, a school for youngsters with special needs. The state-of-the-art bike, provided through the charity Mid Dorset Mencap using money donated by Brit Valley Lodge (8315), will give him new freedom and enable mum Amanda to join her son on cycle rides in local parks and open spaces.

As Amanda explained: 'Eli needs to be supervised all the time but being able to ride the bike gives him a feeling of freedom and that is just lovely to see'.

Mid Dorset Mencap (MDM) is a local charity, run by volunteers, that raises funds to improve the quality of life for people with learning disabilities and their families.

Tim Malins, Chair of Mid Dorset Mencap who is also Director of Ceremonies at Brit Valley Lodge, said: 'We are so pleased to present the bike to Eli. You just have to see at the smile on his face to know that it will make a big difference to him and to his mum, Amanda too.'

Mr Malins added his thanks to the Dorchester-based business Autobitz, which generously supplied the bike and additional accessories, including a safety strap and helmet, at cost price and helped get Eli up and running.

And Eli's verdict on the bike? 'I'm very happy,' he beamed.

The picture shows (left to right) Tim Malins, Chair of Mid Dorset Mencap and DC Brit Valley Lodge, Elijah Sappleton and Chris Coutanche of Autobitz, Dorchester.