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Apr. 2016

Dorset Freemasons visit to Lewis-Manning Hospice

As a result of recent grants from The Freemasons' Grand Charity and other donations from individual Dorset Lodges. A group of Dorset brethren, led by our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, had an opportunity to visit Lewis-Manning Hospice in Poole this week.

Lewis-Manning Hospice looks after patients with life limiting illness; this includes Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Cancer and any other life limiting illness.

The Hospice looks after over 700 local adults a year. Their aim is to put the joy, fun and love back into people's lives, whilst providing clinical support, time for them to talk and outstanding care from their nurses. It's a very holistic approach to wellness, helping patients live well with their illnesses.

Although it's a free service to the local community, it's a very expensive service for the Hospice to run. They receive around 20% of their funding from the NHS at present, so the remaining 80% of costs have to be raised by the Charity. They do this through grants, fundraising and receiving donations like those from our Lodges and from The Grand Charity.

During the tour we had the pleasure of seeing their Lymphoedema clinic, a superb facility where patients can receive treatment, support and learning techniques for self-management so that life can continue as normal.

We also saw their respite facilities; patients can stay in one of the ensuite bedrooms for a night, allowing their loved one to have a proper night's sleep. One carer told the Hospice they hadn't been able to have a proper night's sleep for 10 years, such was their worry about their partner, and were able to do so when their loved one was under the care of the Hospice.

We were very moved to see their new 'end of life' bedrooms; these rooms provide 24/7 care, a safe private environment, dignity and peace of mind for the patient and their family at such a crucial point.

A patient recently said 'The hospital put the days back into my life but Lewis-Manning put the life back into my days.

These recent donations to this superb cause is a very good example of the kind of support Freemasons give to their wider, local community.