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Mar. 2018

Five generations is it a record ?

Mr Geoffrey James Blake became the fifth generation of his family to become a member of Portland Lodge . His heritage stretches back to 1908. His family have been members of the Lodge unbroken since 1908 and have supported the lodge for a total of 152 years, with more to come.

Geoffrey's Great- Great Grandfather Joseph Stone; was initiated into Portland Lodge in 1908 serving the Lodge as Worshipful Master in 1919 and died a member in 1954. During his year as Master, he initiated his son, Lesley W G Stone (Geoffrey's Great-Grandfather), who remained a member until 1980.

Lesley's daughter Esme married George F J Blake (Geoffrey's Grandfather) who was initiated in 1972 remaining a member until his death in 1998. George's son Graham D Blake was initiated in 1979 served as Master in 1990 and proudly initiated his son Geoffrey into Portland Lodge, completing five generations.

What a wonderful evening!


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