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Apr. 2018

Double Celebration at Dorset Stewards Lodge

The April meeting of the Kenneth Cross Lodge of Dorset Provincial Grand Stewards No. 9508 saw a double celebration. The Lodge marked the 90th Birthday of one their Founders and the 25th Anniversary of the Lodge, consecrated on 3 April 1993.

On 3 May, Brian Knight, Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master and highly respected doyen of Dorset will be celebrating his 90th birthday. To his surprise, the Brethren rose and sang a rousing 'Happy Birthday to him. In replying, he thanked all those present and mentioned that the ladies behind the bar at Wareham had given him a birthday card no doubt to thank him for the 'fortune' he had spent on his beloved whisky over the years!!

Distinguished Founder

During the meal, Brian, who was also the founding Senior Warden and second Master gave the brethren a brief history of the formation of the lodge noting that, of the original 38 founders, only 17 are still with us.

The Consecration photo!

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Nigel Leonard, circulated a photo of the original founders taken at Sherborne School together with a copy of the Consecration agenda.

The Cake!!

As Masons we are very lucky to enjoy our Freemasonry with the support and encouragement of our partners. In this case the invaluable support we get from our partners came in the form of a delicious cake!

A delightful creation for Dorset Stewards Lodge from Jacquie Holt, wife of the outgoing Master Jim. It tasted even better than it looked! Thank you Jacquie!


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