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May. 2018

Dorset Masonic Bikers ride again!

With clear skies and bright sunshine forecast for the day, seventeen bikers met up last Sunday at Bovington Tank Museum. Despite having booked in advance, a tour guide was not awaiting us on arrival so a slight delay occurred before they found one with a sufficiently loud voice!

The Museum is full of interesting exhibits

charting the development of tanks over the last century. The initial design brief was for a machine able to withstand machine gun fire whilst carrying personnel across fields and over trenches at four miles per hour!

Tanks became a sophisticated and expensive asset

to produce and maintain in battle conditions. Interestingly, the Russians adopted a different approach, they made a basic model in huge numbers and treated them as disposable. Over fifty thousand T54 tanks were manufactured!

After the tour

we headed upstairs to the museum restaurant for an excellent hot buffet lunch followed by a ride to Swanage for free ice creams on the sea front, thanks Trevor!

A great day out, thanks guys for your kind donation to @cotswoldvets fundraising campaign, your generosity is much appreciated.


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