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Jul. 2018

Scouts mess sorted ready for international experience!

On hearing about the needs of the 1st Broadmayne Scout Troop, the Lodge of Unity based in Wareham were very keen to jump in and help with their efforts to raise money for a much needed 'mess tent'.

The troop is relatively new and has only be running since September 2014 and in the four years since then has grown to be the largest troop in the area. This success comes from offering local young people the opportunities and challenges that they cannot get elsewhere.

The troop go to great lengths to keep costs to a minimum and due to this, have been able to take a group to Finland in 2016 and a group to Denmark in 2017 to attend International Jamborees. This exposes 10 to 14 year old boys and girls to a host of experiences and give them the opportunity to meet and join forces with Scouts from around the world including the Middle East, Russia and Africa.

This summer there is an International Jamboree in Dorset, the 'Jurassic Jamboree' and they are taking a group along. Having benefitted from being hosted/buddied by local groups in Finland and Denmark, they would like to reciprocate the hospitality to international groups visiting the UK and to do that they need to purchase more equipment.

One item which they do not own and is vital for a week long camp is a 'mess tent', a large tent where scouts can meet and eat sheltered from the sun (or more likely wind and rain).

The Scouts being able to offer a low cost means of young people getting together, building self-esteem and providing a community benefit whilst accessing the natural world around them all year round is invaluable and is simply not available anywhere else.

The benefits from a young person attending an international jamboree are not easy to quantify, but everyone who has done so has enjoyed it and has 'grown' as a person as a result.

It is this type of self-belief and a 'I can do it' attitude which the Scouting experience can foster that meant the Lodge of Unity's was delighted to help encourage these attitudes and experiences with a significant donation towards their tent!


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