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Oct. 2018

Masonic Cross Border Cooperation :-)

On Friday 12 October 2018, three Dorset Brethren; Steve James our Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Mark Hinsley, Dorset Membership Officer and Paul Baggett made the journey up to Swindon to attend a special meeting of the Royal Sussex Lodge of Emulation 355. The invitation came from Junior Warden John Wain.

The purpose of the visit was to witness the return of the sections of historic name boards that had once belonged to the lodge. These boards had turned up as part of the refurbishment of the Anvil Public House in Pimperne, Dorset around 18 months ago.

The boards were first spotted by Paul when he paid a chance visit to the Anvil for a cup of coffee with is family. Paul reported that he had seen something that looked like Masonic name boards to Mark. Mark went to see them and recorded their details. Mark then used various on-line resources to confirm that the names, dates and Lodge number were genuine. He then ascertained that he lodge still existed and found a contact email for a lodge member.

Following on from Mark's email. John came down to Dorset with two other Brethren to view the boards. Since then John has been in negotiations with the Landlord, the Builder and the Brewery, all of whom have been helpful. It turned out that The Anvil was not the first public house these boards had been in. They were in The Angel in Wimborne and the Rose and Crown, both times returning to the Builder Yard before being used in the Anvil.

John and his Lodge Members were delighted to have the return of these precious artifacts. They were also very pleased that so eminent a Freemason as Steve James took the time and trouble to travel up with his Dorset Brethren to witness this happy evening.


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