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Nov. 2018

A truly international experience!

Visiting any lodge abroad would always be an amazing experience however the visit by nine Dorset brethren to the Hackney Brook Lodge No 14 in Estonia surpassed all expectations with twelve countries and constitutions being represented at the meeting.

Originating in London, the Hackney Brook Lodge No7397 was consecrated in 1955 and moved to Tallinn in Estonia as a new lodge bearing the number 14 in 2013 following the move of the Royal Arch Chapter holding the same name which had moved to Estonia some three years early becoming the first Chapter within the Grand Lodge of Estonia.

The lodge is the only English speaking lodge in Estonia which means that it attracts many visitors from outside of the country and whilst the Dorset brethren were strong in number, their distance travelled was paled into insignificance by some of the visiting brethren and as the evening progressed it was evident just how international this meeting had become with greetings being brought from England, Bulgaria, Turkey, Brazil, Lithuania, Finland, Scotland, Canada, USA, Sweden, Ireland and elsewhere in Estonia!

The nine Dorset brethren have extended a welcome to their Estonian hosts and anticipate a reciprocal visit to the Province sometime in the not too distant future!


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