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Dec. 2018

Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Impact of their work!

The Masonic Charitable Foundation, is helping more people than ever before.

During 2017/18, they reached more people, improved the way they work and gave more than ever. None of this would have been possible without their supporters, donors, volunteers and dedicated team of staff.

This year, the masonic community gave more than ever to local and national charities, and also helped an increasing number of Freemasons and their families.

#Freemasonry gave £48.1m to good causes locally, nationally and through the MCF. £3m was awarded to charities nominated by #Freemasons and voted for by the public.

Here in our own small but beautiful Province of Dorset, the MCF helped

61 freemasons or family members

Gave £237,897 in support for Masonic families

£112,849 in grants for daily living expenses

£72,235 in support for health needs

£52,813 to support educational opportunities and quality care

5 People accessed the counselling careline

40 People were assisted by the Advice & Support Team

£42,842 was awarded by to charities by Freemasons via the MCF

and £50,000 in Community Awards funding

Have a look at the infographic to see the impact here in Dorset of the work of the MCF!


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