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Dec. 2018

Art History in Blandford

As part of a recent history project where a number of members of Blandford Freemasonry, led by Mark Hinsley researched the history of the lodges in Blandford, some marvellous minute book covers were discovered.

For four years the secretary drew these cover pages for the minute book of the previous year. These beautiful documents, show who the Master was, how many of each type of ceremony was conducted and which members attended and how many times.

The art work is very detailed and gives us a glimpse into the past. The lodge have asked their current secretary to restart this tradition, although he didn't look keen!

Mark Hinsley, with the help of Simon Delahunty, has had these documents scanned and enlarged and framed and at the festive get together last night, presented them to the lodge where they will hang in pride of place in the lodge building.


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