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Jan. 2019

Shaftesbury Masons supporting the local community!

The Shaftesbury based Lodge of Friendship and Sincerity in Dorset Freemasonry have been supporting the local Girl Guides with their aim to build a new Guide Hut. A number of the members of the Lodge have connections with the Scouting and Guides movements. It was felt that the Lodge should support local endeavours and there was universal support in lending support to the Guides.

The Lodge has hosted three successful quiz evenings at the Masonic Hall in Shaftesbury over the last twelve months raising nearly £1500 for the Guides. Up to 90 people have attended each evening and a lot of fun was had by all; not least the team organised by the Lodge's Worshipful Master who ended up victorious on one occasion!

The total build cost the Guides have been appealing for is £70,000 of which £50,000 has already been raised.

Work on the new hut started earlier this year and it has now reached the stage of being weather proof with the roof and windows installed.

The Lodge will continue to support the Guides as they strive to finish their project with another quiz evening being scheduled in early 2019


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