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Feb. 2019

Youth Clubs helped by donation from Gillingham Freemasons

Two Youth Clubs serving the North Dorset area desperately needed financial help to finish the installation of their new cooker at their HQ in Gillingham.

Bones Youth Clubs is available to young children in the area and HippBones Youth Club have sessions for children with special needs.

Having acquired a new cooker they didn't have the funds to pay for the installation so this is when the Kings Court Masonic Charities Assocation which represent local Freemasons stepped up and decided to make a donation to cover the cost of installation.

The picture show the Lodge Charity Steward and Representative of the KCMCA, Roger Knight with Matt from Bones and Jeni from HippBones.

Notes of thanks received:

'Thank you very much for your kind donation. Lovely to meet you. Our clubs will love the new cooker. With many thanks, BYC.'

'Sincere thanks for your very kind and generous donation, having use of a cooker will improve the provision we are currently able to provide, and enable our young people to develop independence skills as they transition into adulthood. Thank you Kings Court Masonic Lodge.'


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