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Jul. 2019

Dorset Masonic Fishing Champions

Masons from Broadstone Lodge 8641 supported the Dorset Province branch of the National Masonic Fishing Charity took 11 special needs students fishing for the day on Friday 12th July.
Paul Ilott, Karen Ilott, Charles Dean and Andy Davies were at Moor Farm fishing lakes near Weymouth along with other anglers and helpers from across the Province to give the students a great taste of fishing, often for the first time, and a super big BBQ afterwards.
The students from Boveridge College in Wimborne and the Fortune Centre for Riding Therapy near Christchurch all caught nets full of fish and enjoyed burgers and hot dogs afterwards.
Following lunch certificates and medals were awarded to the students for a great accomplishment. Fortunately smiles on the students were bigger than the fish caught!!!
Special thanks go to Paul and Karen Ilott. Paul is secretary of the Dorset branch and Karen one of the many tireless helpers. Thanks also to all across the Province for continued support, otherwise it doesn't happen.

J Bolt July 2019


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