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Jul. 2019

Coast to Coast


My name is Bro Adam Carrier. Although I am a very new member of the brotherhood I thought I would start my journey as I mean to go on.

I have always personally enjoyed extreme physical and mental challenges, particularly in support of worthy charitable causes. My next challenge is in mid Sept 2019 and is called the Rat Race, Coast to Coast, which is a 105 mile multi discipline event (run/bike/kayak) stretching from Nairn in the East of Scotland to the Isle of Glencoe in the West of Scotland. It's going to be a tough one!

I'd like to raise funds for Dan Martin's (WM) chosen charity, The Isabel Baker Foundation. The Isabel Baker Foundation is the only UK charity that financially supports bereaved parents of children with cancer. This could be for funeral costs or to allow the family a little more time off work to grieve. The foundation also supports families of children who are currently undergoing treatment, an amazing charity.

I will keep everyone posted with updated training pics and on the day of the event a link to track my progress if you'd like to follow. I will complete the challenge in one day. Please follow the 622 twitter account @622cuthberga

This is the toughest challenge that I have ever undertaken but pales in comparison to the challenge that every family faces who has a child that is ill with cancer.

The below web site provides further information:

I have set up a just giving page for the Isabel Baker Foundation. Thank you for your support.

Yours fraternally
Bro Adam
Lodge of St Cuthberga 622


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