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Jul. 2019

Freemasons support the local community.

The WM of Amphibious Lodge WBro George Forster and Lodge Charity Steward, Bro Stewart McKell paid a short visit to Greenwood Club. They met with 'Jill' and her small team in the woods at Wareham. The reason they made this visit was to present a cheque for £2000 to this very worthy local charity. The money was raised by the members of Amphibious Lodge and other local Masons. The Charity was just one local group chosen by the Lodge for their support this year.

A very worthy cause indeed.

The group supports members of the community who are suffering from dementia and the very early stages of Alzheimer's. The WM chose to support this small charity because his father suffered from dementia and subsequently full-blown Alzheimer's towards the end of his life. He, and other members, know what that journey is like.

Jill and her team conduct small 'weekly workshops' where 'sufferers' are encouraged to make amongst other things, simple rustic items by hand, work together, socialise and generally spend time in a relaxed stress-free environment. A light lunch and a cup of tea are provided for the princely sum of £5 per head. Our donation will ensure the Clubs costs are covered for the next full year at least.

A parting thought.

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise' says the old song. How true it proved. Having witnessed Jill and her team in action we came away refreshed, uplifted and invigorated; our faith in the compassion and kindness of others rekindled.

You should try it sometime – it will make you smile.


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