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For Province P0060 - Province of Dorset.

Dorset Crest.

Following on from a piece of work our Comms Officer was doing for Freemasonry Today we thought you might like to know a little more about our formal Dorset Freemasonry Crest!

The Dorset Crest you have submitted is based on the United Grand Lodge of England coat of arms as authorised for use by the Province of Dorset 20 or more years ago by Grand Lodge.

The device was designed and used as the centre piece of the Dorset 2003 Grand Charity Festival Jewel of which a large number were awarded (and indeed still worn) by Brethren qualified in the Festival. The complete shield was subsequently adopted as the official logo/emblem for and of the Masonic Province of Dorset.

The other heraldic emblems contained around the border of the shield include a 'ship' and a 'castle'.

The 'castle' represents the 3 silver towers as depicted by the Dorset author Thomas Hardy as representative of Dorchester – the historical County Town of Dorset. They are also representative of the Dorset Regiment of Her Majesty's army and are shown to depict the former headquarter of that Regiment in Dorchester.

The historical structure/building (now a museum) is known as The Keep.

The ship represents the port of Poole – the home of the Lodge of Amity No. 137 - the oldest Lodge in Dorset – and Poole's connection to the Newfoundand wool trade of centuries ago. The Lodge of Amity is 'twinned' with a Lodge of the same name in Newfoundland to this day.


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