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Aug. 2019

Dorset Freemason opens Pawseidon in Poole

Together with their dogs, Dorset Freemason Scott and his colleague Jimmy sustained life-changing injuries whilst on active service with a specialist unit in the military. Sadly dog Zero was called to the Great Meadow Above after receiving fatal wounds. Dog Max was euthanised having lost his long battle with an injury.

Losing their 'partners' often overshadowed the physical pain Scott and Jimmy learned to cope with on a daily basis. These experiences motivated them to create Pawseidon on leaving the forces.

Bro Scott said, 'Operating as a K9 team honoured us with a deep understanding of the canine psyche. Whilst receiving treatment and rehabilitation for our own injuries, we realised something truly significant which would change the course of our lives. The physical and emotional needs of injured humans and injured dogs are almost identical'.

Their new unit at Poole enables dogs to be treated via hydrotherapy and other non-invasive therapies sound rehabilitation, promote fitness and stimulate mental wellbeing. Once established, our behavioural training wing will promote good behaviour allowing owners and their dogs a chance to strengthen that true and unbreakable connection.

We wish Bro Scott and Jimmy all the best for the next chapter in their lives.


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