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Oct. 2019

Wimborne Freemasons travel to Southgate Masonic Centre

Brethren from the lodge of St Cuthberga No.622 travelled to Southgate Masonic Centre in London to support WBro Peter Sheehan on his installation into the chair of United Companions Lodge No.7184.

Dan Martin the WM of St Cuthberga arranged for eight members to surprise Peter as he entered the lodge ready for his instalment. Thankfully Peter was pleasantly astonished to see us. We were subsequently treated to an excellent ceremony and hospitable company from the members of the lodge. The festive board was sumptuous and we were very well looked after, although the London Fire was extremely rapid but in respect of Dorset the Master allowed 622 Fire on the last toast.

After the ceremony an explanation was given of an exquisitely crafted marble plaque which was made by Operative Mason WBro Tedd Perkins. The marble was gifted from the bomb wreckage of a stairway at Buckingham Palace during WW2.

It was also pleasing to see Dorset Freemasonry (Loyal Manor Lodge) mentioned in the London Arena magazine on display in the foyer.

Peter was first installed into the chair of United Companions Lodge in 1986 and again in 1994. Needless to say he is an experienced Freemason and that is why he holds the important and respected position of Lodge Mentor at St Cuthberga.

It was a wonderful day out and one that we hope to repeat in the future.


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