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Nov. 2019

Wimborne Freemasons remember their fallen

The November meeting of the Lodge of St Cuthberga was well attended. We particularly remembered the fallen Freemasons throughout the Province of Dorset who died on active service during the Great War, in whose memory the United Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street, was subsequently erected and appropriately dedicated.

In the temple the Union Flag adorned four empty chairs in memory of the Brethren, who set off from 622 those many years ago, and laid down their lives for our freedom.

As the lights dimmed the WM, Dan Martin, said 'The nature of this remembrance was inspired by the words said to have been used by Lord Grey, the Foreign Secretary, on the eve of the war. The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our Lifetime'

The names of the twenty four Dorset Brethren are engraved on the War Memorial Screen at Sherborne Abbey which was unveiled in 1927 by the then Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother, the Right Honourable the Earl of Shaftesbury, a member, and Past Master of the Lodge of St Cuthberga. Those names were recalled by the Chaplain:

The Lodge of Amity: No. 137
A.A.C. Sharp, R. Watkins

All Souls lodge: No 170
J. W. Atherton, H. Coates

Lodge of Faith and Unanimity: No 417
D.H. Marrable, R. Morton, R. Wessex

Lodge of Friendship and Sincerity: No 472
F. C. Clement

The Lodge of St. Cuthberga: No. 622
R.B. Knight, T. Smith, C.T. Stride, E. Whitley-Baker

Montagu Lodge: No 665
L. H. Saunders

Portland Lodge: No. 1037
R. Faircloth, J. V. Leach

De Moulham Lodge: No. 1146
H. Pearse, L. St Barbe Rawle, S.D. Sewell, A. Brutton

Lodge of Benevolence: No. 1168
A.L. Kennaway

Lodge of Honour and Friendship: No. 1266
N. Lockyer

St Aldhem's Lodge: No. 2559
E.A. Pope

Kings Court Lodge: No. 2689
T.H.J. Phillips

United Service Lodge: No. 3473
W.H. Brett, R.W. Brinsmead, G.W. Carr, E. Clarkson,
W.J. Davis, W.J. Grier; B.E. Jackman, A.H.R. Pitt,
S.A.J. Smale, C. Whiteman

During the second half of the evening we conducted an initiation ceremony for Martin, a local man from Poole. The initiation was conducted in a first class manner with the song to the initiate wonderfully delivered by our VGO WBro Geoff.


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