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For Province P0060 - Province of Dorset.


Nov. 2019

Class of '98'

The four Provincial Grand Stewards of Dorset appointed in 1997 hold an annual reunion each year, and this year it was the turn of All Souls Lodge, no.170, to act as host during their Act of Remembrance meeting.
The 'Class of '98', as they are affectionately known, comprises Kevin Abbiss, All Souls Lodge, no.170, Terry Roddick, De Moulham Lodge, no.1146, Clive Deakin, London Haven Lodge, no.7300 and Chris Hubbard Quintus Lodge, no.8118.
The four Past Stewards were delighted to spend an enjoyable evening in the company of Harry Barnes, the Provincial Grand Master who appointed them over two decades ago.


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