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Jan. 2020

Uni Initiate Chris' rich Masonic life

The first student to be Initiated through the Universities Scheme in Dorset has received his Grand Lodge Certificate. Bro Chris Hare, who was Initiated into Freemasonry by the then Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Richard Merritt, has enjoyed an active Masonic journey during his first sixteen months as a member of London Haven Lodge, no.7300.

Chris, who had the privilege last year of meeting Sir David Wootton, Assistant Grand Master, represented the Province at the Bi-Annual Universities Scheme National Conference at Chester in addition to exhibiting at two Bournemouth University Freshers Fairs. As a frequent presenter of the First Degree Working Tools, Chris represented his Lodge in last year's Provincial Masonic Knowledge Quiz and, as he has now received a full explanation of the history and symbolism of the Grand Lodge Certificate, he hopes there will be a suitable question in this year's round of the annual quiz.

Studying animation production at the Arts University Bournemouth, Chris is aspiring to a career in 3D-animation.

In addition to the Arts University Bournemouth as well as the Bournemouth University, London Haven Lodge welcomes students from all academic centres in Dorset.


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