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Mar. 2020

WM of 622 is made a Lewis

Dan Martin the WM of the Lodge of St Cuthberga last night initiated his Dad into Freemasonry in the presence of his Grandad.

To add to the special occasion the Provincial Grand Master for Dorset RWBro Graham Raymond Glazier was also present, as was the WM and Officers of Amphibious Lodge on a reciprocal visit. The temple was full to the brim and the festive board vibrant. The ceremony was moving and faultless.

On completion the WM took the opportunity for a group photograph with the four Entered Apprentices that he has brought into Dorset Freemasonry during his time in the Chair.

Dan then informed the Lodge that a new book will soon go to print.

On 7th September 1853, Richard Augustus Long-Phillips and twelve other Brethren of the Lodge of Amity, then No.160, as well as one Brother from the Lodge of Unity, No.154, presented a Petition to form a new Lodge to be called The Lodge of St Cuthberga which would meet in the town of Wimborne.

The records inform us of the difficulties that were encountered; the search for a suitable building, the raising of appropriate funds, as examples. However, there were years of 'good times' and many sincere, distinguished Masons from all walks of life entered through its entrance to take their honoured place in the 'Good Old 622'.

In 1981 WBro John Woodward Hannay took an amount of earlier notes and research compiled by several former members and produced a small booklet entitled, 'A History of the Lodge of St Cuthberga No.622'.

In early 2019 the General Purposes Committee decided to reproduce WBro Hannay's book and Bro David Smith accepted the task of carrying this out. It has taken David a year to complete and, although Hannay's original text forms the backbone, it has been possible to take the opportunity to include and add much newly researched details and notes, as well as the addition of illustrations.

This new book will now form the earlier story of the Lodge before that covered by Bro David Owen's publication, 'Bridging the Centuries'. The new book will be entitled; 'The Early History of the Lodge of St. Cuthberga 1853 to 1977'.


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