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Mar. 2020

Suspension of Masonic Activities for four Months with effect from 17 March 2020

All Brethren and Companions of the Masonic Province of Dorset

We have had clear guidance from UGLE yesterday and I want to follow that in spirit as well as in the letter of guidance. The letter from the Grand Master states that the suspension of all our activities is for four months, but, of course, we will all be aware that it may be extended subject to conditions prevailing at the time.
I am sure there will be questions about the procedures which we need to follow once we resume our Freemasonry.

The truth is that as these are unprecedented times, we don't have all the answers yet. We have an experienced team at UGLE who are giving us good advice. I, as PGM, have an opportunity to contribute to that decision-making process and I will do so with your best interests at heart.

Brethren, we have time over the next four months to make good decisions, guided by UGLE. Let's use that time to come to sensible and workable solutions. I will communicate with you regularly and truthfully and will do everything in my power to make sure our Lodges restart their Freemasonry in the same position as they were before we started this break.

You must undertake the business necessary in order to settle your Lodge or Lodge Building safely for the next four months, and then turn your focus in different directions. Mostly, that will be keeping your families, partners and close friends safe, well and loved at this worrying time. For many of you, it will also mean a changing environment in both your business and professional lives. You may well need to spend more of your time ensuring that all is well in that area than ever before.

In Masonic terms, all of our Lodges have vulnerable individuals who may be feeling lonely or frightened. Please – keep in touch with them with regular phone calls or even starting Facebook or WhatsApp Groups – please offer help where you can. Please also make sure that the Lodge Widows are also cared for. Perhaps your Lodge could send a little card or gift to brighten their day and remind them that they are not forgotten.

Maybe you could also use that extra free time to learn that piece of Ritual you always wanted to get under your belt.

Brethren, Freemasonry is a set of shared values. We can demonstrate those values and let the light of the Craft shine through society and the communities in which we live, even in these difficult times.

If you have any questions, please ask your Lodge Secretary who will be able to ask the Provincial Grand Secretary for the right answer, that is if he doesn't know it already.

Please – avoid on-line conjecture and speculation. There is simply no point to it as we will tell you the right answers directly to your Inbox as soon as possible.
In the meantime Brethren – keep well and keep safe.

Kind and fraternal regards



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