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Apr. 2020

3D Support to Frontline Workers!

Andy Belding of Brownsea Island Lodge No 9689 is currently working his 3D printers 24 hours a day to make frames for face shields for frontline workers.

Being an engineer by trade, Andy saw a lot of people discussing about making face shields on number of online engineering and 3D printing forums. The national 3DCrowdUK group was starting to show up with a well thought out design and procedure for assembly and distribution

Andy mostly uses his 3D printer for prototyping parts for work before designs are sent to a workshop which is a very useful technique for making small replacement parts or testing a design.

Whilst he is still working maintaining essential instrumentation for bio life science, pharmaceutical, forensics and critical research industries, he did not hesitate in creating a production line at home for the benefit of the fight against COVID-19.

With a steady supply of material, Andy is now receiving daily requests for face shields from midwifes, hospital nurses, care home cares and podiatrists in whatever quantities he can produce. In addition he is also supplying component parts to the 3DCrowdUK.


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