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May. 2020

Dorset Freemason Fighting Covid-19 in the North Sea

Dorset Freemason Brother Wayne Ingram, Senior Warden of United Service Lodge No.3473 Portland, is currently detached from his job as an NHS Paramedic to assist with North Sea repatriations to the United Kingdom.

Here is an update from Wayne:

'Although my family home is situated on the lovely Isle of Portland, a stones throw away from sitting in the chair as Senior Warden of United Service Lodge No. 3473, I could not resist the call to relocate to Aberdeen Airport when asked if I would use my paramedic qualification throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Hence finding myself in Aberdeen as a designated helicopter medic my sole task is to repatriate Covid-19 patients from their places of work on the North Sea, back to mainland Britain?

Every oil rig has its own medic and it's their decision if external medical assistance is required, especially when dealing with the Covid-19. When help is requested a flurry of activity commences in the control room at Aberdeen, pilots plotting their routes over land and the North Sea, while I communicate directly with the offshore medic, ascertaining the status of the patient. Submersion suits zipped up, life jackets applied, oxygen and medical equipment checked within the aircraft. Then we head out over the sea to arrive at a spec of metal many miles away.

For me the hardest part of the job is trying to communicate with patients whilst wearing full PPE. The little smile or wink previously given is often missed through mask and goggles. However, I love seeing the relief on their faces when we land and observing our beautiful countryside from a thousand feet in the air. It's rewarding to see the British public coming together in a time of need, visiting their neighbours, looking out for one another, raising funds for those in need and inwardly knowing as a Freemason those actions have been part of our fraternity for many, many years'.


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