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For Lodge L3878 - Dunckerley.

£5000 Donation to Rape Crisis of Poole

Dunckerley Lodge in £5000 donation to Dorset Rape Crisis Centre . After a very successful year as Master of Dunckerley Lodge 3878 in Poole, Paul Baggett was able to present a cheque for £5000 to a Poole based charity, run for men, women and young people over 16 who have been raped or sexually abused.

Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre is a pan Dorset charity based in Poole with a vision to eventually develop hubs throughout the county. The charities work began 24 years ago as East Dorset Rape Crisis Helpline run by women volunteers for women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused. In the 1990s they became Dorset Rape Crisis Line.

In 2011 they became the Dorset Rape Crisis Centre offering emotional and practical services county-wide for men, women, children and young people. These include the Helpline, face to face counselling and emotional support and practical support and advocacy. We have become Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre.

The money was raised through a number of events over the past year including a fantastically successful 'Casino Night'.

The picture shows Paul and his wife Terri presenting the cheque for £5000 to Helen Stevens from the Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre.


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