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May. 2022


Blandford Forum Annual May Day Masonic History Open Day

The joint Blandford Lodges will hold their annual open day and history event, involving historic masonic displays, on Monday 2nd May 2022 from 10 am to 4 pm.

A unique opportunity to delve into the past and answer the question; who were the Freemasons of Blandford? Local Historians, genealogists, Freemasons and the simply curious can see the part Blandford Freemasons have played in the history of the Town, The County, The Country and the World.

Who were they and what did they do? Over the two hundred years between 1771 and 1971, in research that is still ongoing, we have:

58 x Farmers.

37 x Army personnel.

27 x Innkeepers.

23 x Teachers and Policemen.

21 x Gentlemen.

19 x Engineers.

16 x Bank Employees.

15 x Builders, Solicitors, Clergymen and Clerks.

14 x Doctors.

13 x RAF personnel.

11 x Grocers.

10 x Tailors, Butchers and Chemists.

9 x Surveyors, Auctioneers, Yeomen and Insurance Reps.

8 x Ironmongers, Royal Navy Personnel, Drapers, Civil Servants and Electricians.

7 x Post Office Workers and Local Government Officers.

6 x Brewers.

5 x Land Agents.

4 x Corn Factors, Railway Workers, Estate Agents and Commercial Travellers.

3 x Hatters, Land stewards, Theatre Managers, Bakers, Printers, Work House Masters, Accountants, Vets, Dairy Engineers, Confectioners, Haulage Contractors and Tobacconists.

2 x Silversmiths, Stone Masons, Mercers, Book Sellers, Saddlers, Wine Merchants, Road Workers, Excise Men, Baronets, Architects, Jewellers, Organists, Dentists, Coal Merchants, Huntsmen, Royal Flying Corps Majors, Boot Merchants, Farm Tractor Agents, Undertakers, Political Agents, Cycle Dealers, Bus Company Workers and Horticulturists.

1 x Button Maker, Gunsmith, Hairdresser, Wool-stapler, Cordwainer, Brazier, Cabinet Maker, Book Binder, Glazier, Cooper, Maltster, Tanner, Fishmonger, Carpenter, Wheelwright, Wool Sorter, Servant, Glassware Dealer, Decorator, Member of Parliament, Timber Merchant, Merchant Seaman, Watchmaker, Upholsterer, Professor of Music, Tea Dealer, Furniture Dealer, Barrister, Clerk of Works, Race Horse Trainer, Overseer for the Pacific Phosphate Company, Plumber, Museum Curator, Journalist, horse Dealer, Gas Company Employee, General Merchant, Optician, Tyre Rep, Farrier, Water Works Manager, Distiller Rep, R.S.P.C.A. Inspector, Haberdasher, School Bursar, Seeds-man, television Engineer, Meat Importer, Cafe Proprietor, Refrigeration Specialist, Caterer, Fashion Agent, Lecturer in Topography and Caravan Salesman.

Oh! And tea and biscuits – and maybe cake!

Blandford Masonic Hall, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 7AW
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